Tips To Get Your Austin Home Ready For Sale

Follow these simple tips to get your home ready for sale.

Is your Austin Home Ready For Sale

Getting your Austin home ready for sale can be a mammoth undertaking filled with stress and toiling. Whether you’re an experienced seller or a first-time homeowner, getting your home ready to sell is a long and involved process that can take months or even years to see through. The odd visiting times, the constantly living in a vacuum trying not to mess up your house…it can definitely take its toll on even the most skilled home seller. Luckily, there are fast cash, no obligation investors in Austin, such as liketosellnow, who will buy your home for cash, no questions asked. You don’t even have to worry about finding the right buyer for your home. In the meantime, there are a few helpful things you can do as a seller to alleviate some of the pain of selling your home. Here are a some great and easy tips for getting your home ready to sell in Austin, TX.

Promote your House Sale Yourself

Since the wonderful advent of social media, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals can all market their brand, their products and themselves online to a targeted, tailor-made audience. Your online presence can be extremely valuable when you are selling your home. So get the word out on Facebook, Twitter and any other outlet you can find that you are selling your Austin home. Social media can help to broaden your audience reach and maximize the number of potential buyers that are out there looking for a home in Austin. Take out an ad in the local newspaper, post about it on social media and ask everyone you know to tell their friends. Even if you and have to annoy all your co-workers and buddies about it, make sure that everyone around knows that you’re selling your house!

Remove Personal Knick Knacks

If you’ve ever been to a professionally staged home then you know that there are no refrigerator magnets or novelty clocks cluttering up the kitchen. In a properly staged home personal touches and decorations are very minimal. This is all a smart selling strategy that allows any potential buyers who walk through your home to imagine their furniture and their belongings inside it. The more “lived-in” your home looks, the less appealing it will be to another buyer. So, while you may love all the kitchen collectibles and nick-knacks on the walls, they’re not doing you any favors in getting your Austin home ready for sale. Go ahead and put the personal items away for now and help make your house look like it’s ready for its new owner.

Shed Some Light on your Home

Some natural sunshine and well-placed lights have a way of transforming a house from a dark dwelling to a warm and welcoming space. Conversely, a poorly lit, closed off home can seem smaller than it is and even feel sad and oppressive. So if you’re getting your house ready to sell, make sure you stock up on high-wattage bulbs – in soft colors, no harsh lights. In addition keep those window shades open so your home stays bright and cheery all day. Every room in your home should be open and airy with plenty of lighting, whether it be from a window or a lovely lamp, so that any potential buyers walking through feel welcome and at home.

Rent a Storage Unit

For many homeowners, selling your home is also another way of saying “decluttering your house”. Once you start packing things up and getting ready to sell, it becomes glaringly obvious how much extra stuff you have than you need! Instead of trying to shove everything under your bed and into closets, skip the headache and rent a storage unit so you can box up all the non-essentials and keep them safe while you sell your perfectly organized, decluttered home. Austin has plenty of reputable storage companies that charge reasonable rates. The money will be well spent to have your home show-ready 24/7 so that you can attract the right buyer quickly and get the maximum amount for your sale.

Make Some Minor Renovations

Home buyers in Austin have a lot of options, and you better believe they are scrutinizing every detail of the homes they tour. Every stain, every crack, every flaw becomes a major detractor to the value of your home sale. Depending on the condition of your home, if you want to make top dollar, you may to have to do a little revamping. Small details like new windows and floors can really help your home sell quickly, while fresh paint and a lush, manicured lawn can brighten up the feel of your house. So, if possible, put a little money back into your home where needed, because it will definitely pay off when you’re ready to sell.

Kick Up Your Curb Appeal

Unfortunately, The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to to the value of your home for sale in Austin. Many home buyers will decide within the first few seconds of seeing your home whether or not they want to buy. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and it starts with your front yard and overall facade of your home. Essentials like a freshly cut lawn and vibrant foliage can dramatically increase the “curb appeal” of your house and even expedite the sale of your home. While a driveway littered with old refuse and abandoned toys and a lawn overrun with weeds can be serious eye sores to potential buyers. So, if you want to get your Austin home ready for sale, make sure your grass is green, your hedges are trimmed and your house look pristine. You never know if the right buyer might drive by any time.

Move Out!

Common knowledge dictates that it’s way easier to sell your home quickly if you’re not living in it. The house stays clean all the time, buyers can stop by and take a tour anytime and there’s no personal belongings to distract potential buyers. But, unfortunately for many homeowners getting their home ready for sale, they have no option other than sell their home while their still living in it because their money is tied up in their current mortgage. Instead, let a trusted central Texas home investor such as LiketoSellNow take your home sale off your hands and help you move on with your life by giving you a no-obligation, fair cash offer on your home in Austin. So when it’s time to move out of your house, don’t let the sale of your home run your life when you could leave all the dirty work to the experts, no questions asked.

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