Key Ideas About What Sells a House

Buyers are more sophisticated than they have ever been.

What sells a house? Why does one house sell for more than another just like it? Why do some homes sell faster? Do the other guys always win? It turns out there are some key factors that help some homes perform better than others. In this post we will explore what sells a house and some things you may be able to do about it.

The price is right

Let’s face it, buyers are more sophisticated than they have ever been. Buyers know what they want and they are often armed with plenty of opportunity. Price is what sells a house. Price your home to sell or you will end up holding on to it.

Location, location, location

If the internet had not made shopping homes so easy location would be the number one factor when selling a home. Home buyers today often are looking to be in a specific location either for a job, or a school for their child. Location is what sells a house and the best way to protect the future sell of your house is to buy in a good location to begin with.

Keep it looking good

It is estimated that interested home buyers have seen your house online more than 90% of the time before they ever seen it in person. Make sure the front of your home looks attractive and inviting. There are several simple tricks available to you such as painting the front door a bold color, spreading dark mulch and planting seasonal flowers.

Everyone knows the comps

In today’s data driven world it is pretty easy to determine information about a potential house online. Prospective buyers can easily do some quick leg work and get a comparison of the homes around you. You should be prepared for this and know the data yourself. If you are pricing above the other guys then make sure that you have good reasons to do so.

A way to woman’s heart is through a nice kitchen

Nice kitchens are what sells a house. There is no doubt that the kitchen is a very large part of our lives. A beautiful kitchen can make the entire house look different to a prospective buyer. If you are going to spend any money on upgrades before selling you should probably start in the kitchen.

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